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Animal Cruelty – Cruelty to Animal is a Crime!

Part 2: What to Do When You Witness/Suspect Animal Cruelty 

If you witness animal cruelty or suspect animal cruelty and need to request a welfare check, contact your local animal welfare department (municipal shelter), police department (non-emergency line) or humane organization and report following:

  • Location including street address

  • Description of an animal – type, breed, size, color, any distinct markings on the animal

  • Owner, if known or a description of any individuals involved

  • Description of the situation including dates and times that you believe constitutes animal cruelty

  • Photographic evidence if any (do not endanger yourself or illegally enter property to obtain such evidence)

  • The names and contact information of other witnesses if any


If you are in the Tulsa area, you may also report animal cruelty to the Tulsa SPCA by completing the Cruelty Report online at or call their office at 918.428.SPCA(7722). Please visit the Tulsa SPCA website for more information.

DO NOT try to rescue an animal from a potentially abusive or neglectful environment yourself. Not only it can potentially be unsafe, but also it is illegal to enter people’s property and take the animal from them without a permission. 


Where to Report Animal Cruelty


Tulsa Animal Welfare: (918) 596-8000

Tulsa Police Department non-emergency: (918) 596-9222


Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow Animal Shelter (918) 259-8311
Broken Arrow Police Department non-emergency: (918) 451-8400


Sapulpa Animal Shelter: (918) 227-2722
Phone: 918-224-3862 (Police)


Sand Springs

Animal Welfare at 918-246-2543 for general inquires

Police and fire non-emergency number, 918-245-8777, for non-emergency matters.



Jenks Animal Control may be reached at (918) 299-6311 Press 8 during our normal working hours, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m, Monday through Friday.

Jenks Police Department Non-Emergency phone number 918-299-6311 and Press 0.



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