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Ways to Help Prevent Animal Cruelty

Spread the word – You can help prevent animal cruelty by simply informing others about what to do if they see such an act or by helping them to better understand how to train and care for their pets.


Humane Education – Organize a humane education event at your child’s school or any other organization you may belong to and invite a speaker from your local humane agency/organization for a presentation


Volunteer – contribute your time at your local shelter or animal welfare organization and offer to involve in their humane education program.

Animal cruelty is not something you only see on media - it is happening in our own backyard, it is happening everyday, it is happening as we speak. We rescue many animals that are victims of animal cruelty, like these precious souls below: 


Stella's Story - by Stella's foster, Candice B. 

(written on 9/18/2018)


Stella died today. She didn't deserve it. She wasn't even two years old. I'm so angry! Stella didn't die from cancer or injuries from a car strike. She died from abuse - abuse so severe it took her mind, just as it took her eye. It left scars on her psyche, just like the bullets left scars on her body. We tried for seven months to heal her. She had multiple surgeries on her eye, ultimately removing it. Even then, we believe she had phantom nerve pain. We worked with her daily for months. Volunteers and behavioral specialists surrounded her with love and patience. She would have night terrors that made even sleep a trial. I would sit with her while she slept and try to comfort her so her rest could be peaceful. We tried medications; we tried everything. But the abuse she endured had done so much harm. There was only one way to relieve her tortured mind, and today we did the loving thing and freed her. Stella is in Heaven now.

Humans killed Stella when they abused her months ago; and humans are the only ones who can stop this abuse from happening. You MUST stand up and speak out when you witness animal abuse. You MUST get involved. You MUST be actively anti-abuse. It's not good enough to feel sad or angry about abuse. Be the person who does something to stop it!


For Stella's sake. 

For the sake of all of them.


These are some things you should know about Stella: She was goofy and loving and generally a happy girl. She loved human contact, just soaked it up like a sponge. I would massage her til my hands ached, and when I stopped, she would look at me with her remaining eye and drop the weight of her whole body onto me. She was saying, "You are not done yet. I still need more."


Peanut butter was her everything. Give that girl a Kong with "peany butter" in it, and she was your best friend. Peanut butter got me out of some awkward situations with that girl. It was the only thing that could draw her attention. She also loved playing with squeaky toys, but I think she was most happy being outside. We could sit on the grass for hours, just feeling the breeze and listening to the birds. She loved lying on her back, getting her belly rubbed while I talked soothingly, just getting a tan on her belly. I'm pretty sure that's what she is doing right now - lying in the warm sun. No fears. No pain. At ease.


Cosmo's Story - by Kelly Brown, Adoption Coordinator

(written on 5/11/2016)


Cosmo was brought in to Animal Aid of Tulsa early 2014 after being extremely tortured. He had a leg pulled out of socket, his tail ripped and burned, his face burned, and his anus burned. His recovery had gone quite well! He loved like no other! This past few months he's been suffering badly as the nerve damage in his anus progressed causing his colon to expand. He began having to have regular enemas to pass stool and has been in extreme pain. It's been so painful to watch, can't imagine how painful he felt. Yesterday we chose to be selfless and let him go on to see God. He is running around pain free and giving all his kisses and head butt lovins to God and all his new friends! If you see abuse happening, don't just sit there!!! In memory of Cosmo, lets charge those abusers to the fullest!!!! I love you son!!!!!!! Always in my heart!!!!! Never forgotten!!!!

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