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Animal Aid adopts dogs and cats to loving homes with approved applications. Adoption fee includes current vaccinations, spay or neuter, microchipping. 

Since we are a 100% volunteer organization, it may take a few days to receive initial follow-up regarding your adoption application. If you haven't been contacted within 3 days of submitting your application, Email us.

Adoption Fees:  Cat: $100         Dog: $125


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Annie (3 yrs, Border Collie mix)
This sweet girl was hit by a car over a year before we were alerted to her. Since the injury went untreated for so long there is permanent nerve damage in that leg (front left) and she can't walk on it, but she doesn't let that affect her personality at all! She's super sweet and loving. She loves people and other dogs. We're not sure about cats, but with what we do know about her disposition I'd be surprised if she doesn't like them as well.
Archie (Pit Bull/Lab mix, 4 yrs.)
This sweet lover boy sure is full of kisses! It is so hard to believe how amazingly forgiving these babies are! Someone poured motor oil on this guy in attempt, we believe, to kill off bugs or mites. He came to us with semi burned skin the shade of purple. He is recovering well and has even started to gain fur back! Archie would do best as an only pet in a home with older children.
Avery (1 yr. female, lab/pit bull mix)
Avery is a sweet girl that’s full of energy, but after a day of playing loves to snuggle on the couch. She is very smart, and is learning basic commands in her foster home. She loves people so much, but she can be a little shy at first. Avery still has a lot of puppy left in her, so she would be easily trainable if someone has the time and patience to work with her.
Billy (1 yr. pit bull)
Billy just wants to find his perfect people who will let him curl up on the couch and take a nap or watch tv. He loves to play with squeak toys and tennis balls. He is dog friendly, but is understandably a little unsure of new dogs at first. Given time to adjust he'll be a great addition to any household.
Bruno (1 yr. Hound mix)
Bruno came to us with shattered pelvis on the right side after being hit by car. He is recovering nicely in his foster home. He is fantastic with kids, dogs and cats.
Buddy (7.5 years, Terrier mix)
This handsome, regal gent is Buddy. He is dog and people friendly, but likes to chase cats. He is also almost deaf and would need a family with understanding of the anxieties that can cause in dogs.
Cain (2 yrs. Pit Bull mix)
Cain is a loving, playful 2 year-old.
Colby (1 year)
Colby was adopted but recently came back to us. Being that he was a feral baby kitten, he has rougher way of playing and showing you his love than some people like but we know some of you kitty lovers out there don't mind! It's just the way he plays and as he gets older he will continue to come out of it. We all absolutely love this silly cute little boy!! If you are interested in meeting him, please email us at
Esmeralda (1 year, Shep mix)
Esmeralda is extremely shy around people, but she is slowly getting better.
Glitter (male, 23 wks.)
Glitters chronic URI caused a lot of eye issues that eventually led to him having one of his eyes removed. It seems his chronic respiratory issues have passed now and he is in good health and should be able to be adopted anytime. All thanks to his wonderful foster who has taken excellent care of him throughout this!
Harry (10 mons)
Harry has a severe case of cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), but is learning to walk better thanks to her foster.
Merkelle (female, 9 wks)
This gorgeous and tiny little kitten got her paw caught in some machinery and the paw was degloved. The vet is hopeful that she will be able to keep the paw and not have to amputate. She just needs some time and some tlc to allow the paw time to heal. She has the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen and would make a loving addition to any family.
Mini (7 yrs.)
Sweet girl Mini was found very sick as she was barely surviving living out in the cold weather. She has come a long way and is doing really well in her foster home. Her foster mom says "Mini is a sweet little girl that enjoys head scratches and cuddling up next to you in a quiet house. She is FIV+ and requires being an only cat or with other FIV kitties. Mini is dog friendly."
Noel (1 yr, Pit Bull mix)
She's a little shy around new people at first, but warms up pretty quickly. She's very playful and loves to chew so you'd better have plenty of nyla bones or other hard objects she can chew on safely. No stuffed animals, cloth toys of any kind, or rawhide! Basically she's not allowed to have anything that's easily swallowed but hard to digest.
Rusty (2 yrs. Rottweiler)
This big ol' boy really loves people. He wants to be near you at all times. He would be an extremely loving and loyal addition to any family. He has not yet been fully tested with other dogs or cats, but if you don't have either already then why consider adding your new best friend to your pack?
Tommy (5 years)
Tommy is very shy at first and may prefer to hide for a while. Once he's figured out you're the one leaving food out for him every day he will not hesitate to make his presence known. He'll beg you for pets and follow you around. He'll curl up on your lap and take a nap. He will play with toys, but his favorite thing will always be the people he trusts. He is FIV+ and would need to be an only cat or in a home with other FIV+ cats.
Valerie (1 yr. German Shep Mix)
She's almost like a different dog than she was when she was first trapped and brought in. Her skin has vastly improved and her fur is growing back nicely. She's still a little fearful of people, but is learning that they aren't so bad. She is dog friendly and will romp and play with other dogs when she thinks people aren't watching.
Vinegar (1 year)
Vinegar (AKA Vinnie) is currently in a foster home, learning to trust people and be a spoiled indoor kitty.
Wiley (Husky mix, 1 year)
Wiley was a feral puppy for the first year and a half of his life so he's got a lot of anxiety towards human interaction. He is currently in a foster home, learning to trust people.
Zeus (Shep/Hound mix, 16 wks.)
This adorable hound and shepherd mix had an old fracture in his leg from an unknown injury. It had already started to heal when we were notified about him and for a while it looked like it might continue to heal on its own with no surgery needed. And though right now it looks like that may have changed, he's still a puppy and will barely notice growing up with one less leg if necessary.
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Billy (1 yr. pit bull)

Billy just wants to find his perfect people who will let him curl up on the couch and take a nap or watch tv. He loves to play with squeak toys and tennis balls. He is dog friendly, but is understandably a little unsure of new dogs at first. Given time to adjust he'll be a great addition to any household.