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Animal Aid adopts dogs and cats to loving homes with approved applications. Adoption fee includes current vaccinations, spay or neuter, microchipping. 

Since we are a 100% volunteer organization, it may take a few days to receive initial follow-up regarding your adoption application. If you haven't been contacted within 3 days of submitting your application, Email us.

Adoption Fees:  Cat: $100         Dog: $125


Email us for more information or to schedule a meet and greet with any of these adoptables. 

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Until pets are adopted, our goal is to have every one in a foster home, instead of a kennel. We need more foster homes to reach that goal!  Find out more here

Allister (1 yr. Shepherd/Bull Ter.)
Allister loves people!
Archie (Pit Bull/Lab mix, 4 yrs.)
This sweet lover boy sure is full of kisses! It is so hard to believe how amazingly forgiving these babies are! Someone poured motor oil on this guy in attempt, we believe, to kill off bugs or mites. He came to us with semi burned skin the shade of purple. He is recovering well and has even started to gain fur back! Archie would do best as an only pet in a home with older children. If you are interested in meeting him, please email us at
August (6 yrs.)
August is very calm and sweet. She gets along with other cats. She prefers quiet environment. Come meet August at our thrift store located at 15th & Harvard!
Cain (2 yrs. Pitbull)
Cain is a handsome, affectionate 2 year old boy! He may have been used as a bait dog. When we found him, he was extremely thin and had lots of bite marks all over. Understandably, he can be a bit nervous around other dogs; but he is working on learning that dogs are cool!
Coco (1 yr. Hound mix)
Coco came to us with horrible wounds from something being embedded in her chest. Her wounds are healed nicely and she is ready for a forever home! Coco is very sweet and loves everyone she meets.
Colby (1 year)
Colby was adopted but recently came back to us. Being that he was a feral baby kitten, he has rougher way of playing and showing you his love than some people like but we know some of you kitty lovers out there don't mind! It's just the way he plays and as he gets older he will continue to come out of it. We all absolutely love this silly cute little boy!! If you are interested in meeting him, please email us at
Dandy (3 yrs.)
What a sweet silly boy Dandy is! He does great with other older kitties! He LOVES attention and affection! He really is a cool boy! If you are interested in meeting him, please email us at
Fern (Pointer, 3 yrs.)
Fern is extremely shy when she first meets you, but boy does she warm up to you! Once she knows she can trust you she is one happy puppy! She loves to play with her toys and give you hugs and kisses!! She does not act reactive to cats at all. She really loves puppies and small dogs. She does well with bigger dogs unless they are growling at her, she feels she needs to protect herself and will hold her ground. She would do better with older children as loud and sudden movements scare her.
Fred (14 weeks)
Gabriel (Vizsla mix, 2yr 7mos.)
Gabriel is a gorgeous & affectionate! We were contacted by the TPD after he was found and taken up to a local fire dept. for help. We believe he was hit by a car which left him immobilized in the back half of his body. We are currently undergoing acupuncture and physical therapy. He has shown huge progress! He would love to have a home to continue his progress. If are interested in meeting this angel to help with his therapy, foster, or adopt please email us at
Jack (2 yrs. Shepherd/heeler mix)
Jack came to us a stray from Tulsa Animal Welfare. He had suffered an injury to his eye which did cause the doctors to have to remove it. He is a sweet boy that would do best as an only dog in the home. If you have a calm home and are interested in meeting him, please email us at
Jerry (1 yr. Pom/Chi mix)
Jerry is a fun, active little guy. He’s shy and will hide until he feels comfortable and then he loves attention and to play. He gets along well with all the small dogs at his foster’s home and would do well with another small dog his size that likes to play. He’d probably do best in a home without small children.
Jocee (2 yrs. lab/pit bull mix)
Jocee is sweet, friendly 2 year old lab/pit bull mix who is looking for a foster or forever home. She was rescued with her brother Joco, Jocee is very attached to Joco, so we would love for them to be adopted together. Jocee is crate trained, leash trained and knows her basic commands. Email for more information or to schedule meet and greet.
Joco (2 yrs. boxer mix)
Joco is a sweet, playful 2 year old boxer mix who is looking for a foster or forever home! He is crate trained, socialized with other animals, knows all of his commands including "kennel up", looks perfectly on a leash, and is housebroken. Joco came with his sister Jocee who is very attached to Joco. We would love for them to be adopted together. Email for more information or to schedule meet and greet.
Lola (20 wks)
Marco P (2 yrs.)
Marco P came to us with a ruptured abscess. It was pretty badly infected. It did have to be cleaned out and a drain was placed to flush the infection out. He is recovering well now and is in a foster home. He is FIV positive so we are asking that he be in a home with other FIV kitties and to never be allowed outside. Other than his abscess though, he is extremely healthy and should live a long healthy life. If you are interested in meeting him, please email us at
Margo (21 weeks)
Max (4 months, lab/pitbull mix)
Max is a sweet, smart puppy who loves everyone. He already knows some basic commands!
Mini (6 yrs.)
Mini was found very sick as she was barely surviving living out in the cold weather. She has come a long way and is doing really well in her foster home. Her foster mom says she is learning to be a loved indoor kitty and she seems to be loving it! Mini is FIV so we are asking she be an only kitty or with other FIV kitties. If you are interested in meeting her, please email us at
Norman (3 years, Lab mix)
Ramos, Staffordshire Bull Ter. 2 yrs
Ramos loves everyone he meets. He is very sweet and playful.
Sandy (Pit Bull, 2 yrs.)
Sandy was found with a fractured pelvis, a sensitive radial nerve. She was terrified of the leash, of a human hand, and even of a human voice! She would lower her body to the ground and just shake all over. She is making HUGE strides in learning to trust. She will walk on a leash for us now, she absolutely loves kisses and to be petted, and she adores being talked to like a baby. She would do best in a home with submissive dogs and dog savvy kitties.
Wednesday (1 year)
Wednesday can be a little shy around new people, but is very affectionate once she gets to know you. She is in a foster home that has two dogs and a cat. She doesn’t mind them at all, but usually enjoys her time away from them. Wednesday will do better in a quiet home with older children. She has mobility issues and displays some symptoms such as jerky movements, clumsiness, and head wobbles, commonly seen in cats with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH).
Wiley (Husky mix, 1 year)
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Fred (14 weeks)